The Road Show


What’s the Road Show?

A club’s custom approach to addressing one or two short-term concerns that are limiting its potential for growth and from becoming the next Irresistible Club.


 Why a Road Show?

  • Every club is different – it’s not one-size fits all…….
  • Improves communications between within the club; and between the district and the club.
  • The clubs determines the level of engagement and delivery methods.
  • Creates a custom club plan.

The Process

  1. Members complete a simple club survey – try it now!
  2. The Road Show Team meets with Club Leaders to discuss the results.
  3. The team facilitates discussion with the Entire Club to explore options.
  4. Club implements a focused plan that will develop over time.
  5. The Road Show team is always available throughout the ongoing process.


  • It’s the first step in a long-range plan
  • Helps define your club.
  • Focuses the club on its core values.
  • Creates new energy in the club.
  • Serves as a tool to retain and attract members.


Act Now

QR code to Tey

Take the Survey and share it with your club members……

For more information, contact DG Allen Quigley…..

….or your Assistant Governor:


Area 1 – Barbara Johnson

Area 2 – Bill Kampa

Area 3 – Mike Beaudoin

Area 4 – Shawn Braswell

Area 5 – Chris Stevenson

Area 6 – Rhonda Williamson

Area 7 – Ken Benton

Area 8 – Tonya Adams

Area 9 – Pat Curley


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